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Effective Slimming Solution: MK300 PressoMassage + Dermharmonie Bandages

Innovative Slimming Treatment Method that delivers excellent results in a comfortable and pleasant way for the client. The ASSOCIATION of our innovative PressoMassage technology MK300 with our fantastic body wrappings DERMHARMONIE BANDAGES guarantees immediately from the FIRST SESSION VISIBLE RESULTS and satisfies the market request of an affordable treatment.

MK300.jpg dermharmoniebanhomeing.jpg

The combination of MK300 + DERMHARMONIE BANDAGES allows the beautician to generate:

a. Strong Lymphatic Action - MK300 + SalisDrain Body Wrap

b. Lymphatic and Edematous Cellulite Action - MK300 + ZeroCell Body Wrap

c. Lymphatic and Adiposity - MK300 + AdipoTherm or AdipoSlim Body Wrap.  

*up to -15 cm and -5 kg

in 8-10 sessions.

The client can continue the home care treatment using our Slimming Panty and Belt of the SLIM&WALK line. 

MK300 - http://www.qetre.com/en/mk-300-en.html

Dermharmonie Bandages - http://www.qetre.com/en/cosmetics/dermharmonie-bandages.html

Slim&Walk - http://www.qetre.com/en/cosmetics/slim-walk.html

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* following a good eating habit and some physical activities.